Ubuhle Christian School implements the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum (A.C.E.), which is CAPS compliant.

We believe that the foundation of a sound education includes morals and values; therefore we strive to instill excellence, integrity and accountability within each and every learner.

A.C.E is a unique education system that offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace while being guided by excellent, Biblically-based learning materials.

A.C.E. recognises that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and has developed a learning approach that accommodates learners' individual capabilities. This programme utilises results-driven processes rather than conventionally applied time-focused education curricula.

When using the A.C.E. system, students learn to set their own goals and achieve them. Students also learn to think critically, creatively and independently. These skills are taught and developed throughout all the grade levels and students graduating from the A.C.E. programme have shown outstanding performance in their tertiary studies due to the skills they've mastered throughout their schooling career.

Benefits of the A.C.E. Programme:

• Academic Excellence

• Individualised Instruction

• Mastery-Based Learning

• Biblical Values

• Computer-Enhanced Learning

• Reasoning Skills

• Character Building

• Bible-Based Instruction

Diagnostic Testing